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Fusion Percussion History

In 2007, a local high school band director and a local drum-line instructor had the desire and dedication to form an indoor drum-line.  After much research and discussion with local parents that had kids from different Cabarrus county schools, the two decided to start an indoor drum-line.  In the initial year,  these dedicated percussionists recruited kids locally, and therefore,  based out of Concord, NC  Fusion Percussion was born with members consisting of percussionists from each of the Cabarrus County schools.   

The group continues combining kids from schools across Cabarrus County, but as some of the original members have grown and gone to college, they have brought back new members with them.  Thus, Fusion has grown beyond its original roots but remains to be focused in and around Cabarrus County.

The logo was devised from two basic dynamic indications in music, forte (meaning loud or strong) and piano (meaning soft).  So, with a loud, strong stroke followed by a soft beat, Fusion Percussion creates a dramatic percussion atmosphere in which the ensemble can learn and improve individual and team skills.  The colors were chosen based on the favorite colors of two founding members, plus the color combination seemed to fit the logo better than many other combinations.  And last, a parent was inducted into the circle to provide much needed capital as well as a means to haul the equipment around to the competitions and shows.

After the 2007 and 2008 seasons, the local high school band director took opportunities in another state and the drum-line snare/tenor/bass drum technician graduated from UNCC.   So combined with the director's departure and the drum line technician's graduation from UNCC as a music major in the fall of 2008, it was logical for Mr. White to assume the 2009 Fusion banner.  From 2009 to 2017, he brought  a strong commitment to teach life lessons and educational material besides music.  So, by writing his own music and drill along with design elements from the group, the performances evolved into creative shows that took along an educational theme.  Now starting the 2017-2018 season, the Norris brothers are growing into the co-director role.  With their vast experiences and passion for drum-line, they continue the excellence that Fusion Percussion has stood since 2007 !!!



FP Important News

2017-2018 Dec Rehearsals

Dec 8   5 PM-8:30 PM **weather**

Dec 9   9 AM-5 PM

Dec 15   5 PM-10 PM
Dec 16   9 AM-5 PM
@ Central Cabarrus High School


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