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Fusion Percussion Past Shows

2007          "Shadows"

With the drums covered and the costumes half blue and half black, the show conveyed shadows.  Movements by the battery demonstrated a primary side and the shadow that followed.  Painted faces and hair gel  allowed each member to present a dark, melodramatic theme.  At one point in the show, the two “sides” came together in a silent drill which allowed the audience to realize the significance of the disappearing shadow as if the sun was directly overhead.  Then, as the two sides continued the shadow reappeared.

2008          "Vision"

Members of the group wore t-shirts with a huge eye imprinted on it and performed movements with their eyes wide open in an eerie sort of way.  During the last song, blind-folds were pulled out of stick bags and tied across their eyes but the battery continued their movements.  This signified that one could continue to find their way without their eyes by knowing their own location and as well as locations of others.

2009          "All Hands on Deck"

The show depicts an 18th century sailing vessel that has been caught by a fierce storm. As with sailors during that era, they had to maintain and sail their ship using their hands.  Since a drum-line uses their hands to play their instruments, the connection is evident to the sailors of that day.

During the first movement, “The Approaching Storm”,  the pace of the music begins slowly and then increases its pace as the storm comes closer toward the ship.  The battery marches in several patterns as the winds swirl and then on two occasions they march triumphantly in straight lines indicating they are ‘weathering the storm’.  Near the end of the movement, the pace slows again as the eye of the hurricane begins to pass overhead.  In the second movement, “The Eye”, the front ensemble performs a more solemn ballad as the battery members drop their drums and begin to repair the ship.  With brooms, mops, hammers, and rope they perform tasks to get ready for the back half of the storm.  At the end of the ballad, the bass line rings hand-bells that help signify that the ship is moving back into the hurricane.  During the last movement, “The Maelstrom” the storm unleashes its fury forcing the battery to sway back-and-forth and all over the ship’s deck.  During the tenor solo, the captain and his mates stand again triumphantly against the storm, but then the worst part of the hurricane wrecks the ship.  The battery begins to swirl in a hurricane pattern that ultimately throws all members to the deck.  And, at that moment a large wave engulfs the ship, and as the wave recedes back over the railing, all members are swept overboard and the deck is empty except for their drums.  The end of the show has the ship’s bell ringing seven times, an ancient ritual announcing man overboard.  As the bell rings its last sound, a white flag is pulled up the mast signifying the end of the show.

2010       "Trilogy of Tragedy"

The show walks the audience through three of Shakespeares most notable tragedies.  The floor showcases four of the symbols that are most notable from Shakespeare.  A dagger, a quill, a rose, and the tragedy mask itself.  The props were masterfully designed to encompass the Globe Theatre, as the show opens the doors themselves open to reveal the ensemble already in motion.  Complete with a flag that shows the story to be told with the words "All the worlds a stage" in Latin just as it was found on the doors of the Globe Theatre.

The first movement told the story of Macbeth, the story of  the ultimate betrayal.  The dagger shows the weapon that was used it this betrayal.  It is forced into the tombstone of Macbeth to signal the end of the first piece.  The next movement is the most notable tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.  The drumline puts away their sticks and shows how well they can move as they imitate a ball in the Shakespearean era.  Romeo and Juliet share an intimate dance that ends in a single kiss to show their love.  But the tombstone that appears clearly shows their fate as Romeo fades into the background.  Juliet, very distraught, pulls a red cloth from Romeo's heart and a single rose is passed between them.  Both the red cloth and single rose end on top of the tombstone engraved "Romeo and Juliet."  The third and final piece tells the story of Hamlet and the ultimate revenge!  It begins with frantic rush from the line that shows the adrenaline of revenge.  The last piece contains a snare solo that shows the true meaning of clean.  It plays a part of the struggle within Hamlet in the original play as it is countered by a tenor solo.  These pieces together wrap up the story as Hamlet himself, or herself, falls to the venimous posion while grasping the skull of that shows his/her final fate.

This season marks the first time that Fusion Percussion made finals at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH.  We placed eighth overall and were thrilled to have such a terrific season.

2011       "Quidam - A Little Girl's Imagination"

The is an adaptation of the Quidam show about a little girl that does not receive any attention in her life.  So, she begins to use her imagination.  The storyline goes... A young girl fumes; she has already seen everyting there is to see, and her world has lost all meaning.  Her parents ignore her, everyone around her pays no attention, she is anonymous in her own life.  Her anger shatters her little world, and she finds herself in the universe of Quidam.  She is joined by joyful companions to help her through her own imagination.  She begins to run wild with the marvelous, the unsettling, and the terrifying.  For a little girl, her imagination can only last for so long.  Reality is starting to set in, her anger and emotion tries to get the best of her; she has to push it out and keep fighting to stay submerged in her own world.  But a young girl's mind is a dangerous thing, as she forgets reality, imagination starts to take over to become something completely unexpected...

With custom-made uniforms and covered drums, Fusion Percussion performs the adaptation in an effort to follow the little girl's imagination-filled world.  With expressive dancers and special in-house developed drill, the audience is pulled into the world.  After the stranger (Quidam) provides the little girl the use his boller hat, the little girl's imagination takes wind.  She begins by triggering the unit in its movements around the floor and then culminating when she opens her living room door to change the floor colors from black into bright orange, yellow, and white.  As the floor changes, the back drops change as well from dull living room furnishings into bright couches and lamps along with the family portait depicting her imaginations.  The show ends on a high note with several musical highlights from the original Quidam show.

2012       "Mask of the Red Death"

“The “red death” had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous.”  The red death was a terrible plague that ravished the countryside.  It was a gruesome disease that involved profuse bleeding from the pores, and especially the face, thus giving each infected person a “mask”.  The scarlet stains upon the victim marked each for the world to see.  This mask banned the sympathy and aid from society.
But Prince Prospero came to the conclusion that he would throw a party in which a thousand of his friends could be safe from the disease.  They gathered together for a masquerade, safely locked inside the walls of Prospero’s abbey.  It was a magnificent gathering, all of the guests wore elaborate costumes and even the abbey dawned elaborate decorum.  There were seven rooms, each with a different color scheme.  The first blue; with blue tapestry and windows with blue panes.  The next purple, with vivid color and also purple window panes.  Then a green room, next a lighted orange, the fifth white, and the sixth violet all with matching window panes.  But it was the seventh room that very few of the guests dared enter.  The seventh room was filled with pitch black decorations.  But it was in this room where the window panes failed to correspond with the decorations.  In this room the window panes were scarlet - a deep blood color.  And there was the ebony grandfather clock that kept the guests aware of the time remaining.
The guests danced and had a joyful time, for the outside world was dealing with a horrible plague, but they were safe and sound locked inside a secure location.  As the ebony clock struck midnight, the guests began to notice a hooded figure, not enjoying the party, but silently moving through the crowd.  The man was tall and gaunt, dressed from head to toe in habiliments of the grave and wearing a mask.  It began first as a murmur, but then grew to the idea held within the abbey that the mysterious guest wore the costume of the Red Death.  At this idea Prince Prospero confronted the spectral image and demanded that he be seized and unmasked! Yet, no one took a step closer.  They could see the mask clearly now, the brow and all the features of the face were stained scarlet red.  The man began to walk through each of the rooms, and as he entered the guests backed away until they lined the walls.  Prospero, after coming to his senses after a moment of cowardice, began to pursue the figure.  As he neared ever so close, he drew a dagger to strike down this intruder.  But this act was followed by the sound of the dagger hitting the floor, and shortly after, the body of Prince Prospero crumpled to the ground.  And as the ebony clocked stopped its hideous chimes, the guests began befalling into the same death trap as befell Prosporo.

2013          HEIST!

As the dial spun, the click of the cylinders rang out farther than any of them wanted.  They had come so far for this one thing.  Through this safe door sat their prize.  They risked so much to get here.  Finally the final pin slid into place.  The giant door swung open.  They all stared in amazement.  But as it seemed as nothing could stand between them, the worst thing happened.  The ring of the alarm pierced through the air like a dagger.  Panic began to set in. What could they do?! One cop couldn't stand between them and their prize.  As the cop got closer to their briefcase another would appear.  Which one held the prize?!  It didn't matter anymore, they knew they could get away with it.  But did they?!  Using a giant safe and the theatre genius of Katie Culp, as the their, and Tyce Hall, as the cop, HEIST! came to life right before us.  Dressed in classic con man attire of the 1920s, each member of the ensemble brought their own aspect to the show.  Each of the sections took turns to fool the cops with the use of briefcases in a giant shell game to keep the prize.

2014          One Giant Leap

The story of the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969 that landed on the moon is engrained in everyone's mind.  From President Kennedy's speach to Congress in 1961 dedicating America's resources to be the first to land on the moon to Walter Cronkite's coverage of the actual landing and reporting back to audiences around the world, Fusion performed each stage of the journey with specially arranged music and Fusion's unique drill.  As the show ended, the unit landed on the moon and planted the American flag with a theatrical salute to the cheering audience.

2015          Hammer of Witches

The book Malleus Maleficarum, written in 1487, was an attempt to begin the brutal prosecution of witchcraft in European society. Magic, sorcery, and witchcraft had long been condemned by the Church which stated that witchcraft and magic did not really exist and that those who believed in such things "had been seduced by the Devil ". Until about 1400 it was rare for anyone to be accused of witchcraft, but heresies had become a major problem within the Church. The witch trials, were a period of witch hunts that took place across early Europe and the European colonies in North America between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. The trials were sparked by the belief that malevolent Satanic witches were operating as an organized threat to Christendom. Those accused of witchcraft were portrayed as being worshippers of the Devil, who engaged in such acts as malevolent sorcery at meetings known as Witches' Sabbaths. Many people were subsequently accused of being witches, and were put on trial for the crime, with varying punishments being applicable in different regions and at different times.
The Fusion 2015 show will attempt to portray the Witch Trials with dark and eerie musical tones. Within the show, witches will be found and put on trial, while others watch in horror.

2016         Only Time Will Tell...

The show theme for the 2016 season will be the telling of the history of music along a timeline of events.  Beginning with tribal drums, the show will evolve through history with references to classical,  jazz, contemporary, modern, and techno.  In addition, the 'timeline' will demonstrate the different time-signatures including 4:4, 3:4, 6:8 and 7:8 thus playing on the word "time".

Since this is Fusion Percussion's 10 season, the exciting part of the Fusion 2016 show will be the historical tribute to each of the previous 9 shows presented.  Each show will be referenced within the music as well as visually being located in the design of the floor with the clock's rim containing the names of the 9 previous show titles --> Shadow Dances, Vision, All Hands on Deck, Trilogy of Tragedy, Quidam, Masque of Red Death, Heist, One Giant Leap, and Hammer of Witches.

2017         Down the Rabbit Hole

Follow the perspective of the rabbit in Fusion's take on Alice in Wonderland !!!   With colorful costumes, caricature performers, a story-telling floor, and lots of props, the show comes to life as the audience watches from the rabbit's point of view.  The Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts are all in the show, as the rabbit travels around his world being followed by Alice. The challenging music and drill is set to get the most of the percussionists and the characters performing in the show.


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