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Fusion Percussion Recognitions


Central Cabarrus High School, Concord NC – Band Director Tyler Stark

Fusion Percussion would like to express a deep appreciation to the band director of Central Cabarrus High School, Tyler Stark  (plus former director Stephen Petrucci)  He has provided his support and guidance leveraging his percussion background.  In addition, he is lending his talents to assisting in teaching techniques for the front ensemble and has spent several rehearsals with the group providing them his deep knowledge of percussion instruments.  With his presence at Central Cabarrus, Fusion has been holding several of our auditions and rehearsals at the school.

Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant NC – Band Director Bart Tulbert
Fusion Percussion would like to provide thanks to Bart Tulbert for his acceptance to allow Fusion Percussion to borrow more equipment for the upcoming season since the unit has grown from prior years.  The addition of this equipment has allowed the front ensemble to grow in order for the unit to improve their presence on the floor.  In addition, Mr.Tulbert has provided many members to Fusion the last few years with many of the unit originating from the MP Band..


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2017-2018 Dec Rehearsals

Dec 8   5 PM-8:30 PM **weather**

Dec 9   9 AM-5 PM

Dec 15   5 PM-10 PM
Dec 16   9 AM-5 PM
@ Central Cabarrus High School


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