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As stated on our home page, Fusion Percussion is an independent, non-profit indoor drum-line based out of Concord, NC.  With a staff of 2 directors, 3 administrative staff, and 20 to 30 members, we provide a family atmosphere in order to help kids ages 14 to 22 learn intermediate to expert techniques in the art of marching percussion.  In addition, we have front ensemble instruments so members with skills with the marimba, xylophone, or vibraphone can also enjoy instruction on all levels.  Our goal is to provide instructional direction, new original music, costumes, and dedicated staff members to create and design performances that tell dramatic, educational stories culminating in our competition performances.  We compete in gymnasiums with the battery (tenors, snares, bass drums, and cymbals) marching in various formations while playing.  Our front ensemble play their instruments standing at the front of the floor facing the home side of the gym. The gym floor is covered with a decorative pattern and we have props that help set the sense of our performances. 

Fusion holds its auditions right after high school marching seasons end and holds practices until the indoor drum-line competition season begins in the spring.  From our beginning, we have competed in the Winter Guard International circuit as well as several local circuits including the Carolinas Winter Ensemble Associate and the Carolina Indoor Performance Association.  These circuits allow our members to travel to Rock Hill NC, Spartanburg SC, Richmond VA, Monroe NC, and Dayton OH.  We have even performed in our home city of Concord NC providing our members’ families an opportunity to watch.  In addition, we have played outdoors for a local church and marched in several Fourth of July and Christmas Parades.  We have received feedback from many local businesses and residents that they remember us from these events.

Another aspect of Fusion is the fact that we also include educational adventures while traveling.  The members have enjoyed our excursions to the Each state’s visitor centers, Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop, and the Dayton Aviation Museum.  While at the Aviation Museum, the group talked to a former WWII pilot, Lt. Robert Geyer, from the Ninth Air Force division.  He was visiting that particular day and once the team found him they spent 2 hours listening to his stories of exploits of training as well as flying his P47-D Thunderbolt.  He was actually sitting in front of his actual plane !

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2017-2018 Feb and Mar Rehearsals

Feb 02: 5 PM-10 PM
Feb 03: 9 AM-9 PM
Feb 09: 5 PM-10 PM
Feb 10: 9 AM-9 PM
Feb 16: 5 PM-10 PM
Feb 23: 9 AM-9 PM
Feb 24: 5 PM-10 PM

Mar 02: 5 PM-10 PM
Mar 03: 9 AM-competition
Mar 09: 5 PM-10 PM
Mar 10: 9 AM-9 PM
Mar 16: 5 PM-10 PM
Mar 17: 9 AM-9 PM
Mar 23: 5 PM-10 PM
Mar 24: 9 AM-9 PM
Mar 30: 5 PM-10 PM
Mar 31: 9 AM-9PM

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